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Sempervivum Cobweb Buttons - Succulent of the Week

Sempervivum Cobweb Buttons is a small hardy succulent that forms unique rosettes with dense webbing over its pale green leaves. This succulent readily forms tight clumps or wide mats over time and prefers full sun to part shade. Perfect for rockeries or as a small scale groundcover. Poppy’s Home and Garden have 100mm pots [...]

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Air Plants - Tillandsias

Air Plants (Tillandsias) have just arrived at Poppy's Home and Garden!These plants use their roots only for attaching themselves to rocks, trees and shurbs.  They look great alone as architectural elements or in an air plants terrarium.Air plants require regular watering as they cannot absorb water like normal plants.  They are true masters of their [...]

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Kalanchoe Tomentosa Chocolate - Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week is Kalanchoe Tomentosa Chocolate.  This compact succulent with fuzzy golden leaves has chocolate brown edges.Best grown in well drained soil, will grow into a small clump.Poppy’s Home & Garden have 130mm pots available for $18

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50% off Teak Furniture

50% off Teak Furniture at Poppy's Home and Garden! Sale ends 4pm Sunday 5th March.  Floor stock only.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Agave Ovatifolia Vanzie - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week – Agave Ovatifolia Vanzie – also known as Whale’s Tongue Agave is a perfect feature plant in any garden.Vanzie has blue grey coloured leaves that are distinctively cupped and have deep channels in each leaf. This succulent can grow up to 1m (h) x 1.2m (w).Poppy’s Home & Garden have Whale’s Tongue Agave [...]

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Aloe Hybrid Fish Series

Just arrived at Poppy's Home and Garden is the Aloe Hybrid Fish Series!This unique range of succulents have attractive fleshy textured leaves that form into rosettes. Varieties come in a range of colours and have unusual markings and varigations. Poppy’s Home & Garden have limited stock with varieties including Wrasse, Broomii, Snapper, Stingray, Piranha [...]

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Graptoveria Crested - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week – Graptoveria Crested – this compact, fast growing succulent produces short flower stems with cream flowers. Perfect for borders and pots, this tightly packed succulent produces leaves in a spectacular array of sunset colours! Graptoveria Crested is available from Poppy's in 130mm pots for $18

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Echeveria Purple Afterglow - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Echeveria Purple Afterglow is a attractive variety of Echeveria that has unusual coloured pinkish lavender leaves that form a flower like rosette. This succulent produces spikes with coral flowers.Perfect for pots and available from Poppy’s Home and Garden in 130mm pots for $22

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Kokedama String Gardens at Poppy's Home and Garden Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Kokedama String Gardens have just arrived at Poppy's Home and Garden!Kokedama is a Japanese art meaning "moss ball". These cute plants have their roots removed and are bound and bonsaied into a string ball!

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The Ultimate Green Chandelier - Huge Boston Ferns at Poppy's Home and Garden Newcastle

Add a green chandelier to your home with these huge boston ferns! Only 15 available they are 70cm high x 1m wide... just arrived at Poppy's Home & Garden for $59!

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