Styling with Cacti & Succulents

Styling with Cacti & Succulents

Cacti are THE house plant at the moment with their super cool sculptural shapes. Cacti, as a general rule, are pretty forgiving due to their “desert dweller” status. You only need to water about once every three weeks and even less in the winter months when they go dormant. Cactus & succulents can live indoors or out. They can be tiny and displayed in multiples on a shelf, in your kitchen or bathroom. Or you can go big, buy a massive one and plant it in a huge pot for dramatic e …
15th Aug 2018

Peanut Cactus - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy's Succulent of the Week is the Peanut Cactus (Echinopsis Chamaecereus)! This small slender succulent has short white spines and a cluster of creeping stems.It flowers prolifically producing funnel shaped blooms, which open fully in the sun in late spring or early summer!
31st May 2017

Brain Cactus - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week is the Mammillaria Brain Cactus! This hard to get succulent has numerous wavy stems that form a tight mound.The fan like stems are covered in dense golden spines.This succulent thrives in free draining soil with plenty of light, perfect for pots! Available from Poppy’s Home and Garden for $25 …
28th Apr 2017

Golden Barrel Cactus - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week is the Golden Barrel Cactus! This globe shaped type cactus is armed with golden yellow spines and also has the common name of mother-in-law's cushion. This cactus is perfect for garden rockery settings and patios. Drought tolerant, it needs very little care and attention to grow.  Poppy’s Home and Garden have a variety of sizes available starting from $22 …
19th Apr 2017