Echeveria Cuspidata Zaragoza - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week is the Echeveria Cuspidata Zaragoza! These beautiful succulents produce fleshy foliage in tight rosettes.The pale blue leaves and pink tips of the Cuspidata Zaragozalook stunning in pots.Echeveraia make great additions to waterwise gardens, they prefer part shade and well drained soil.Poppy’s Home and Garden have the Echeveria Cuspidata Zaragoza available in 130mm pots for $22 …
24th May 2017

Sansevieria Black Sword - Poppy's Succulent of the Week

Poppy’s Succulent of the Week is Sansevieria Black Sword , also known as the snake plant. This variety of sansevieria is unique in that it does not have yellow edging or striped leaves.This architectural type succulent with its long cylindrical arching leaves is perfect for making a modern statement.Easy to grow, this plant is great for growing on patios in containers. …
22nd Mar 2017

Hibiscus - A Superstar in the Summer Garden

The superstar in the garden at the moment would have to the Hibiscus! This versatile, easy care plant is perfect for tropical themed gardens or can be used for hedging. Poppy's Home & Garden have a large variety available in full flower, come and have a look!Varieties include Courier Mail, Lemon Empress, Catavki, Clair Mcloud, Deep Pink and White Wave …
3rd Feb 2017