Styling with Succulents & Cacti

Move over fiddle leaf fig… there’s a new plant in town and it’s prickly but very cool! Succulents & cacti are quickly becoming THE house plant.Not only do they look super cool with their sculptural shapes, but they are really, really hard to kill!Cacti, as a general rule, are pretty forgiving due to their “desert dweller” status. You only need to water about once every three weeks and even less in the winter months when they go dormant.Cactus & succulents can live indoors or out. Th …
18th Nov 2016

String of Pearls

If you’re looking for an easy succulent to grow indoors, than the String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus) plant may be for you.  This interesting plant can provide a unique focal point in the home. Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, the string of pearls resembles a beaded necklace with its fleshy green, pea-like foliage. Also called rosary string of beads, this creeping succulent is a unique looking plant that many people enjoy adding to their indoor gardens. Th …
14th Oct 2016