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Architectural Plants - Make Your Garden Design a Masterpiece


Architectural plants, or structural plants are a great way to add one, or more focal points to your garden. Just as you would decorate a room with a major piece of art or a conversational piece of furniture, the same goes for your garden.

Points to consider when choosing a structural plant:

  • Remember that some of these plants will get large, so make sure you plan for their mature size. They lose their effect if they are swallowed up by the rest of the garden bed. Many of the more dramatic architectural plants look best set a bit apart in any case, so there is space between them and other plants.
  • Remember basic plant care! Will the plant you have selected cope with the amount of sunlight and soil conditions where you plan on planting it
  • Will your architectural plant be the focal point of the garden or will you need other surrounding plants. The more attention directed at a structural plant, the more dramatic the planting, so keep your other plants to a minimum if that’s the look you are after.

Architectural Plants at Poppy's Home and Garden

There are many plants that have strong structural presence in the garden, Poppy’s Home and Garden currently has the following plants available that make ideal architectural plants in the garden.

Fiddle Leaf Fig the foliage of the Fiddle Leaf Fig is spectacular. Each glossy, violin-shaped leaf grows to around 38cm.Grows best in a well lit position.

Cordyline - make an impressive statement with its lively striped leaves which are available in different colours, ideal for sculptural impact, low maintenance and very hardy. Varieties available include Electric Pink, Electric Star, Electric Flash, Australis Atropurpurea, Raspberry Fountain and Bronze Warrior

Dragon Tree Dracaena draco has a striking form and dramatic sword-like foliage, creates a bold architectural statement in the garden,

Australian Native Grasses the rustic appearance and ability to soften hard surfaces makes Australian native grasses a useful design element. These grasses have large basal clumps that provide ground coverage to suppress exotic weeds. They also look very effective when mass planted.Varieties available include Katrinus, Tanika and Eskdale

Cactus & Succulents – these plants are very hardy and require minimal care but will require direct sun each day. Varieties available include: Golden Barrel Cactus, Agave Succulents, Crassula Succulents and Graptopetalum

For more info on architectural plants and planning your garden design contact Poppy’s Home and Garden on Ph: 49478255

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