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Australian Garlic - Grow Your Own!


Garlic is used in cuisines the world over and its existence goes back as far as recorded time. Garlic popularity continues to grow. Garlic is very easy to grow. Fresh Garlic from your garden is quite snappy, has a much stronger flavour, will keep better than any Garlic you have ever bought!

Growing your own garlic means you get to eat a fresh, organic product and one that hasn’t been imported. The local garlic industry is relatively small and imports make up a large percentage of the garlic consumed in Australia. Chemicals banned in Australia are still being used to grow garlic in China.Australia imports 95% of our garlic from China. Chinese garlic is gamma irradiated to prevent sprouting and is also sprayed with Maleic Hydrazide to extend shelf life. Garlic is usually treated with growth retardants and other chemicals when it is brought into Australia.

Australian Garlic Bulbs

Plant garlic in any sunny, well-drained spot in the garden or in a pot. If you are a serious garlic eater, grow a crop by planting rows, spacing each clove about 15cm apart. Keep plants free of weeds (they don’t like competition), water regularly and fertilise through their growing season using a complete fertiliser. A layer of mulch around each plant keeps weeds down and moisture in your soil. Crops take many months to grow, so they are not for impatient gardeners. The bulbs are harvested as the foliage dies down in late spring or early summer. Bulbs can be stored and used over many months.

Garlic has remarkable health benefits. Garlic supplementation is known to boost the function of the immune system and can combat sickness, including the common cold.

Some other conditions garlic is commonly used for include:

  • Infections, especially of the respiratory and digestive tract
  • Thrush, Candida infections
  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood fats
  • Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and blood clotting tendency
  • Diabetes
  • As part of detoxification programs

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