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​Grow your Own Herbs at Home


Herbs are incredibly easy to grow all year round so why not make your favourite recipe even more delicious with some fresh herbs straight from your own garden! If that isn’t reason enough here are some more great reasons to get out in the garden.

Grow your own herbs

  1. The Taste of Fresh Herbs
    Nothing can compare to the taste of a fresh leaf of basil straight from the plant. The addition of a simple fresh herb can turn the simplest of dishes into a delicious meal.
  2. Herbs are Good For You
    When you grow your own herbs you can be confident that the plants are free of pesticides and other chemicals
  3. Convenient and Cost Effective
    Fresh herbs from the supermarket can be expensive especially organic herbs. By growing your own you’ll not only save money but you will always have them on hand when you need them
  4. The Beauty of a Herb Garden
    Fresh herbs look amazing whether planted in a garden, next to the kitchen sink or on a window sill
  5. The Aroma of Fresh Herbs

    Adding a pot of fresh herbs to your kitchen will help purify the air and bring a wonderful aroma to the room. Whether it's fresh oregano or rosemary, there's something so comforting about the smell of fresh herbs.

  6. Get the Kids Gardening
    Growing herbs can be a great activity to educate and get your kids involved in gardening
  7. Relieve Stress
    Working in the garden can do a world of good towards relieving. The sights and scents of a herb garden herb will delight the senses and revitalize!

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