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Growing Potatoes Vertically – The Only Way is Up!!


You don't need a large garden to grow potatoes! Potatoes are very easy to grow and if you have limited space then creating a vertical bed for them may be the answer!

You can make a vertical container from a variety of materials such as hessian sacks, laundry baskets or even a roll of chicken wire filled with straw and soil.

Start with a layer of straw at the bottom and then add a layer of compost and another layer of soil on top. Plant your seed potatoes into the soil with the sprout pointing upwards and cover with one more layer of soil. Water in and within a week you should see some foliage starting to come through.When the foliage is 10-15cm tall you can think about adding another layer.

Remember for each new layer you will need a layer of straw, compost and soil to plant your seed potatoes. Your first layer will keep on growing upwards in search of daylight - the stalks growing past the subsequent layers.

When the foliage starts to go yellow and wilt (generally after flowering) you know they'll be ready to harvest. Put your hands in and pull the tubers out or empty it all out onto the ground to pick out your lovely fresh new potatoes!


Poppy’s Home and Garden has a range of potato seedlings now available including:

  • Potato Desiree – a great all round potato with delicious pale yellow flesh
  • Pontiac – Pink skinned with white flesh, excellent for roasting
  • Nicola – White skinned with deep yellow flesh, ideal for boiling and roasting
  • Sebago – A fantastic all rounder
  • Dutch Cream

For more information contact our friendly staff at Poppy's Home and Garden on Ph: 49478255 or visit here

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