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Hanging Succulents


Some of the best potted plants are the hanging succulents. In nature, these plants are sprawlers, growing over rocks and other plants, monopolizing the light by growing in every direction and trying to out-compete everything. In a pot these plants can be controlled, and their natural draping nature can be taken advantage of. There are many different types of hanging succulent plants that are easy to care for and do not require watering as often as other hanging plants.

Hanging succulents


Poppy’s Top 5 Hanging Succulents:

  1. Rhipsalis(Cereuscula, Houlletiana, Micracnthia, Grandiflora) - Rhipsalis is an easy to grow succulent that looks amazing in a hanging basket. Perfect for part shade or indoors, this plant is almost indestructible. Excellent for vertical gardens and small planter boxes
  2. String of Pearls -This easy-care succulent plant resembles a beaded necklace with its fleshy green, pea-like foliage and looks great in hanging baskets
  3. Euphorbia Caput Medusae - forms a twisting, crawling mass of snake-like branches. This intriguing succulent from South Africa grows scaly arms. The species name " caput-medusae" is Latin for "Medusa's Head"
  4. Sedum Morganianum - This curious Mexican succulent makes an ideal hanging basket specimen for a hot, sunny balcony, Succulent perennial with fleshy, bluish green, leaf-clad, rope-like stems.Other sedum varieties available include Jelly Bean and Choc Mound
  5. Senecio Radicans – Also known as String of bananas, is an easy to grow succulent that has glossy, fleshy leaves that are curiously banana shaped. The growth habit is ground covering, making it a great plant for containers and hanging baskets. It has small white flowers in late winter to early spring, and sometimes at other times of the year.

Poppy’s Home and Garden have a large range of hanging succulents available. Contact our friendly staff on Ph: 49478255 for more information.

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