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Home Decorating with Indoor Plants


Indoor plants can be an easy and effective decorating tool! A simple plant can change the atmosphere of a room and even act as an amazing centre piece. The secret to choosing the perfect plant to complement and thrive in your home can depend on several factors.

Poppy’s Home and Garden has a large range of indoor plants and fully qualified horticulturists who can give you advice on plant selection and care.Here are our top tips and things to consider when decorating with indoor plants.

Decorating your home with indoor plants

  1. Sunlight

    One of the post important things to consider when using plants to decorate is how much sunlight will the plant be exposed to? All plants need light and sometimes when decorating (especially indoors) we can forget about this. Depending on the plant, some can be flexible while others will be quite particular.The best way to ensure you are picking the right plant is to talk to our expert staff at Poppy’s Home and Garden.They can give you qualified advice on what plants can tolerate direct sun or those that will thrive on low light.

  2. Climate

    The second most important factor to consider when choosing plants to decorate with is the climate they will be exposed to.Once again for the best advice on what plants adapt well to indoors and those that thrive on neglect you are best to speak the staff at Poppy’s Home and Garden.

  3. Height and Shape
    Planting on mass can be very effective in a large garden setting but may not necessarily work inside your home.Selecting a variety of shapes, sizes and colours can be very effective as it allows the intricate details of each plant to stand out more when you allow for some contrast.
  4. Space vs Clutter

    When designing there can be a fine line between what looks full and thriving and what looks cluttered and messy. When it comes to plants and using them to decorate try and avoid overwhelming the space as too many plants will not only be too hard to keep track off but will require a lot of maintenance.If you’re new to plants then start off with a few that are similar when it comes to care and maintenance.Simple ideas such as dining table centerpieces, a plant in the kitchen or a small pot plant on your desk are ideal.

  5. Plants and Ordinary Household Items
    Plants are the perfect thing to add to a space that already has a few objects or nik naks on display.A coffee table or even book shelf can look amazing with the addition of a plant. The beauty of a plant is that it can bring an aesthetic balance to ordinary household items.Often plants will look fantastic next to everyday items you already have in your home.
  6. Watering and CareThe final thing to consider when selecting plants to decorate with is to remember to water and care for them! Some plants will need daily care while others will thrive on neglect.Plants do require a little work and maintenance but a healthy thriving plant will brighten up your home and look amazing.

Poppy’s Home and Garden have a large range of indoor plants suitable for home decorating. For more information click here or call our friendly staff at Poppy’s Home and Garden on 49478255

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