Preparing the Garden for Winter

Preparing the Garden for Winter

Winter is coming and its time to get the garden ready! Here are some simple tips to keep you busy in the garden over Autumn!

1. PLANT - Autumn is ideal for planting, temperatures have cooled but the soil is still warm 

2. PRUNE - Pruning improves the health and appearance of trees. It should only be carried out on deciduous trees when they are fully dormant.

3. FERTILIZE YOUR LAWN - fertiliser protects your lawn through the winter months. Mow on a higher setting and look out for winter grass.

4. PLANT BULBS - choose a spot with plenty of sunlight

5. MULCH - this helps hold in moisture and keeps down weeds. Take care around the trunks to prevent fungal disease or rot. 

6. ROSES - fertilize early Autumn for that final flush of flowers.

Preparing the Garden for Winter

25th Mar 2019

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