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Cactus & Succulents

Top 7 Succulents for Beginners
Succulents are beautiful plants that are very hardy and super easy to take care of! If you are just starting your succulent collection, then one of these plants may be the best choice as they are easy to grow and then then you can move on to more challenging plants once you gain confidence. More

Creative Succulent Planter Ideas
Succulents are the “it” plant at the moment! We’ve searched the internet to find ideas to get you inspired and working on your next succulent project. More

Top Tips for Planting Succulents
Love the look of plants but can’t seem to keep them alive? The succulent may just be your perfect plant! These plants are pretty, don’t need much water and are hard to kill. More

Hanging Succulents
Some of the best potted plants are the hanging succulents. In nature, these plants are sprawlers, growing over rocks and other plants, monopolizing the light by growing in every direction and trying to out-compete everything. More

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