Devil's Ivy

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Devil's Ivy at Poppy's Home and Garden
  • Devil's Ivy Epipremnum Aureum
  • Lush herart shaped leaves carried on trailing stems
  • Ideal for a warm pot indoors
  • Ideal for hanging baskets
  • Grows indoors in a well lit position

Buying Your Plants From Poppy’s Home & Garden

Visiting Poppy’s Home and Garden as opposed to one of the big-name retailers has its advantages. We’re biased of course, but here are a few factors to consider when choosing where you purchase your plants from.

1. Healthy Plants
Some plants can be fickle and it can sometimes take more than just a green thumb to grow a plant to its full potential. So depending on just how green your thumb is, you might be tempted to buy plants from a big-name retailer because of the perception that their prices are lower. The reality is that buying a plant from Poppy’s Home & Garden means you are receiving a healthier, better-adjusted plant, which is more likely to thrive in your garden.  You will also find that our prices are very competitive and that we have a much wider variety of plants available, as we are not just buying plants in bulk for a cheap price.

2. Fully Qualified Staff
The knowledge and experience of our staff at Poppy’s Home and Garden goes a long way in helping you make the right choices for your landscaping or gardening project. Our staff know the particulars about the plants we sell and horticulture in general. Our fully qualified horticulturists also know how to recognize and contend with diseases and fungus on the plant’s leaves or in its potting soil and recommend the best treatments.

3. Optimal In Store Plant Care
In store care influences how well plants survive in your garden. Typically, you would assume that if the source is the same, then the quality is the same. However, when your product is a living plant, the continued care it receives (or does not receive) after delivery from a grower to a store can greatly affect the quality of the product. There isn’t any difference in how those plants were produced and grown, or how far they travelled to get to you. The difference starts in the attention they receive once they arrive at the store, and the difference in the staff’s knowledge about the plants.

Poppy’s Home & Garden, employ a team of qualified horticulturists to water and feed plants, spot pests & disease, and ensure each plant in their ideal growing location (ie. shade plants in a sheltered area).  Every plant that is delivered is checked by our horticulturists to ensure the best quality.  Anything that is not A1 quality is not accepted and returned to the grower.  Poppy’s Home and Garden use fertilisers and top grade soil while caring for our plants. These plants tend to live longer and look more appealing because skilled qualified horticulturists have cared for them. The nutrients the plants at the nursery absorb early on make them more resistant to disease. This resistance remains even after you take the plant home.

4. Accredited Nursery
Poppy’s Home and Garden is an accredited nursery.  This means that when you buy a product from us, the plant has been grown to ensure it is disease free, weed free and healthy.

5. Knowledge has Value
Poppy’s Home and Garden have fully qualified horticulturists and trained staff who keep our plants healthy and are ready to give you expert advice on how to care for your new plants.  We believe when it comes to plants, knowledge has value and this is something we are happy to share with our customers.

For more information please contact the friendly staff at Poppy’s Home and Garden on Ph: 49478255