Maple Tree

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Maple Trees
  • Maple Tree varieties available include:

  • Acer Rubrum October Glory - A uniform growth habit and excellent late autumn foliage colour make this cultivar a superb specimen tree for larger gardens, street and public parks and public gardens.
  • Acer Campestre Elsnijk - A tough, adaptable tree tolerant of a wide range of site conditions. Excellent for street planting and for urban sites generally. Especially useful for smaller landscaped areas.
  • Acer Palmatum Atropurpureium - A small, dense tree with excellent year-round colour. Magnificent bronze-purple foliage is combined with a good shape and a useful size to make an attractive specimen tree for a protected area in the landscape.
  • Acer Palmatum Osakazuki - A strong growing Japanese Maple noted for its excellent autumn foliage colour. Performs well in small gardens and parks. Considered by many as having the best autumn colour of the Japanese Maples.
  • Acer Palmatum Sango Kaku - A well known Japanese Maple cultivar with unusual coral pink young stems that create a striking effect, especially in winter. This feature and the superb yellow to apricot autumn foliage make it an elegant tree ideal for protected areas of gardens and parks.
  • Acer Palmatum Shishigashira - A very eye-catching, compact, shrubby Japanese maple cultivar. Its dark green, curled leaves are closely set on the short, thick branches creating a distinct appearance.