Organic Garden Soil Mix

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Organic Garden Soil Mix
  • A blend of compost, fine sand, course sand, manure & ash
  • Great for most exotic plants and vegetable patches
  • Has added manure therefore is a complete soil that is ready to plant straight into
  • Contains a large amount of compost which plants love


  • Plants can be planted immediately
  • No need to buy separate manure
  • Ash breaks down over time "conditioning" the soil
  • Composted bark allows the soils to aerate

Why Use Poppy's Bulk Landscaping Supplies

  • We supply premium soils with added manure - this saves you money and your plants love it!
  • Our landscape yard is concrete.  No more contamination of products and no sloshing around in the mud loading your trailer
  • We'll give you expert advice on what soil suits your needs
  • Our qualified experts can help you decide on the best product for your project
  • We offer free soil testing to determine your soil pH and the composition.  We can then advise on products to improve your soil
  • We offer very competitive delivery prices allowing up to 3m3 at a time to be delivered
  • Our small truck is ideal for tight driveways
  • Wide variety of decorative pebbles from smooth quartz based rocks to sharp volcanic rocks.  We have it all!
  • For the tradies - our sand is double washed ensuring your job does not show efflorescence over time
  • A variety of mulches are available ranging from semi composted mulch to termite resistant mulches
  • Our sample board is viewable in the garden centre or ask our staff for the mulch to suit your next job