Prunus Tree

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Prunus Tree
  • Prunus Tree varieties available:

  • Prunus Kojo-no-mai - An excellent specimen tree ideally suited to small gardens. Offers spring flowers, coloured foliage in autumn and zig-zagged branching that is a feature in winter. Also performs well in large containers.
  • Prunus Sekiyama syn Kanzan - A very popular and heavy flowering cherry with large, double pink flowers and a strong growth habit. Good for a number of landscape uses including parks, gardens and streets
  • Prunus persica Alboplena - A double, white flowering peach that can provide an elegant spring display in the smaller home garden or parks.
  • Prunus Cerasifera Oakville Crimson Spire - An exciting new form of Prunus cerasifera with a fastigiate habit, richly coloured foliage and attractive spring blossom. An excellent urban tree, its hardy and adaptable nature makes it an ideal garden, screening and street tree especially where lateral space is restricted
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