Searles Peat 80 Plus 30L

$12.95 each or 3 for $33

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Searles Peat 80 Plus 30L
  • Searles Peat 80 Plus® Potting Mix is the apex potting mixture which is professionally formulated using only the highest quality selected ingredients complete with specialised fertilisers and minerals.
  • Feeds plants for up to 12 months
  • Contains Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food & Robust® Controlled Release Fertilisers.
  • Contains Searles Penetraide® Re-wetting Granules and water crystals.
  • Contains Zeolite, Trace Elements and Minerals.
  • Contains Peat Moss and organic compost.
  • Certified Premium Grade AS3743.
  • Suitable for a wide range of indoor plants, ferns, verandah and patio pot plants, potted colour, hanging baskets, shadehouse and greenhouse pot plants.